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Learn the true secret to Behavior Dog Training.

Behavior Dog Training is 90% mental direction, and only 10% physical direction.

We solve ALL your behavioral dog problems.

As a Dog Behaviorist, my mission is to educate people and get them to really understand everything from a dog’s point of view.  Behavior Dog Training starts with seeing things from the dog’s perspective, understanding dogs for whom they truly are, and the way they communicate which makes them realize and understand the dog is […]

Are my dog(s) behaving badly because they are being spiteful? Dogs act on instinct and learn through association. They are not capable of rational thought (the ability to reason); therefore, they CANNOT be spiteful. What most people take for spite is actually a dog communicating a behavioral issue/problem. An example would be:  The dog is […]

Contact us with any questions you have about Behavior Dog Training. My focus is providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction and will do everything to meet your expectations. Bridget Gallagher – Dog Behaviorist Tel: 973-931-9181 E-mail:   – In Home Private Sessions – All Sessions are made by appointment only. – Accept all types of […]


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    I called Bridget in tears after my German shepherd began lunging and barking at new people. My husband had recently deployed and my constant anxiety was mirrored in my usual happy-go-lucky German shepherd. She showed me how he was looking to me for direction and simply mirroring my nervousness. When Bridget came in, he continued to bark as I was in tears and frustrated at his behavior. It was amazing to see how calm he was when Bridget had me think of something else, other than his barking at her. Read More


    - Renee & Mike, Whiting NJ

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Why are there so many aggressive dogs these days?

Why are there so many aggressive dogs these days?

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Since the birth of the internet, breeding dogs has become a very profitable business. If you go back over 20 years ago there were about ¼ of the amount of breeders than there are today. The internet has allowed for the sale of dogs not only to be National but also International. Most Breeders today […]

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