Dogs Are NOT Disposable



They are not an item you return to the Mall if you don’t like them or think they are too much trouble.

Dogs have emotions and they experience Fear, Sadness, Nervousness, and Anxiety as well as Love and Happiness. They are living, breathing Beings that deserve Kindness, Understanding and Respect. They are very family oriented and need your time, patience and attention. Dogs require structure and rules.

ALL dogs need to be trained especially puppies! I can’t stress this enough!

You need to invest your time and energy in them. They need to be walked properly several times a day no matter the weather conditions. Adopting a dog requires a lifetime commitment. Dogs are High Maintenance Pets. If you decide to get rid of your dog, it is an extremely traumatizing experience for them as they are pack animals which means they are family oriented and you have left them to be orphaned and alone.

They then become Scared, Nervous, Sad, and Anxiety ridden.


Adopting a dog is something that is Not to be entered into lightly!

If you Do Not wish to invest this type of time and energy into a dog and you want a pet, then adopt a cat. Cats are low maintenance pets.  Cats require Food, Water, Love, Affection, and a Clean Litter Box. They do not require much training. Clean the litter box at least once a day and your house will NOT smell and the cat will always use the litter box.

Please take time and think about all the Pros and Cons of having dog in your life.  Snap decisions wind up being an extremely traumatic experience for the dog.  Rescue dogs have been through enough.

Please do not be another bad experience in their lives.

By: *Dog Charmer*Bridget Gallagher                                Tel: 973-931-9181