KobeWe met Bridget after adopting a Husky, Kobe. Kobe came from a family who kept him chained in their backyard for 3 years and knew no life but the chain. Even though Kobe was a sweet, loving boy, he had issues.

Kobe thought anything in the house including us was his, and he ran the household. He would jump on the table while we were eating, steal food, and sit in the kitchen chair refusing to move from the front of my computer. He was food aggressive, fear aggressive, and it was a battle to keep him from running out the front door. Kobe walked poorly on a leash and had issues of biting when you tried to put his leash on.

After I was bitten 7 times plus his other issues we called a rescue. They asked if we would we try calling Bridget for training. Bridget drove over 80 miles to help Kobe. Bridget met Kobe, who came at her like Cujo, but showed no fear of him. Working her magic, she soon had Kobe realizing he was not the boss. By the end of our first session, he had stopped snapping when putting the leash on, walked more like a gentleman, and we were working on his food aggression. Bridget left us with instructions on how to handle situations, along with her phone number. Bridget told us to call her anytime with questions, concerns, and updates on how Kobe was behaving. We used that number many times as we worked with him! Using Bridget’s techniques we saved a dog others might have given up on, and Kobe became a wonderful family member.

Most dogs are unwanted and  not adoptable simply because they are not trained!

Our thanks to Bridget for helping us make Kobe the wonderful fur son that he became. After Bridget Kobe became a happy DOG!

Renee & Mike – Whiting, NJ


Dog-Charmer---Circle---testI called Bridget in tears after my German shepherd began lunging and barking at new people. My husband had recently deployed and my constant anxiety was mirrored in my usual happy-go-lucky German shepherd. She showed me how he was looking to me for direction and simply mirroring my nervousness. When Bridget came in, he continued to bark as I was in tears and frustrated at his behavior. It was amazing to see how calm he was when Bridget had me think of something else, other than his barking at her. After a walk around my kitchen, she was able to take the leash and handle him without a problem. She showed me that he was not aggressive with people, just nervous when I was. Bridget also gave me tools for his dog aggression and other minor issues we were having around the house, such as counter surfing and garbage digging. It has been three weeks and I have noticed an improvement. There are days that aren’t so great, but this is not an overnight process. Bridget is always just a phone call away and always there to answer questions or concerns. I feel so blessed for Rex and I to have found her.

Little Ferry, NJ


Dog-charmer---testimonial---yogi-circleWe are grateful to have found Bridget when we did, because without her assistance, I do not think we would be the proud owners of Yogi, our “Bo-Jack”.  This is the first dog that we have had.  We purchased our Boston Terrier / Jack Russell mix puppy, brought him home, and almost immediately began having behavior problems with him.  We spoke with the dog trainer at Petco, and was told the dog would not be a problem to work with… his aggressive behavior would be “easy to address and correct.” Well, that was not the case. After 5 sessions, Petco suggested a full refund of the tuition in their training program.  They felt that Yogi’s aggressive, unruly behavior was beyond their experience and expertise.  They suggested we seek out the professional help of a Canine Behavior Specialist.  Our internet search began the next day.

Fortunately for us, it was a very short search… We met with Bridget.  At the first session,   Bridget worked diligently with Yogi. After about 3 hours, her patience and sheer will won…Yogi submitted to her will and instruction.  We learned from Bridget many training techniques that have helped us bring the “best” out of our dog.  She has always been available to us for any and all questions and issues that have come up.  Yogi did start to show his aggressive ways again (which is not uncommon with a puppy to “relapse”).  Bridget came over immediately and when she did, she brought her dogs.  Both of these dogs were used by Bridget in assisting her to “remind or re-teach” the puppy who has relapsed into an aggressive pattern. Under Bridget’s guidance and carful watch, her dogs “re-educated” our little Yogi to acceptable behavior.  It was actually very amazing to witness.  Each and every time Yogi would act out, aggressively, even if it was just in “puppy play”, either of her dogs would let him know his behavior was unacceptable…either by emitting a long low growl…or a poke or maybe a push with their nose, whatever the fashion of communication, it was understood by Yogi to back down and control himself.

We will always value her knowledge and dedication to her belief that there are no “bad” dogs, just dogs that are being misunderstood.  We rely on her guidance and highly value her opinion in the handling of our dog.  Yogi had come a very long way…from an aggressive, wild unruly biting dog to a calmer, attentive, member of our family.

She is devoted to helping animals and their owners find a true friendship and bond by understanding and teaching the way of communication between pet and owner.

Michelle B. & Joe P.
Nutley, NJ


CodyI initially contacted Bridget because my dog, Cody was very timid with people.  Bridget came to my home and spent almost 3 hours with Cody making him feel comfortable with her.  Bridget has a wealth of knowledge and experience with behavior issues.  She is so committed to helping and educating you so you are able to work with your dog’s behavior problem(s).  Cody was also pulling on his leash when walking with him.  Bridget came back to my home with her two dogs to “train Cody how to walk” on the leash.  Well, it worked.  Bridget walked her 2 dogs with Cody walking in the middle of them.  We walked to the Park near my home and not only did Cody learn how to walk better, her dogs were helping Cody with his fear of people.  I also had an unfortunate experience with Cody – we were walking in my neighborhood and loose dog started to attack Cody.  I fell down and Cody’s leash came out of my hands and he took off.  I could not find him anywhere and immediately called Bridget.  She was at my home within minutes to help me look for Cody.  She helped me look for Cody until dark.  The good news is that I found Cody very early the next morning a few blocks from my home.  I will continue to contact Bridget with questions, training and behavioral issues and would highly recommend her dog training services!

Verona, NJ


ShamanBridget is an absolute angel… knowledgeable, firm and compassionate. We rescued a dog that had been abandoned and though we are experienced dog owners, were in over our heads. We thought Shaman was quiet and docile, but it turns out he was absolutely terrified. A week after we brought him home, he started acting strangely – having bad nightmares, growling, marking territory, nipping at our other dog. Out of options because returning him to a shelter was not an option, we reached out to Pathway to Hope Rescue for help and they recommended Bridget. After first calming us down on the phone, she came to our house and quickly determined that our new family member was not dangerous but very fearful and needed guidance, love and time to adjust. She gave us the tools and courage to help Shaman and today, he is the most loving and joyful dog you could ever meet.  This testimonial cannot repay Bridget for all she’s done for us, but I hope that someone else struggling with their dog will read this, reach out to her and get the help they need to save another dog’s life.

New York


HeineOne of my dogs, Heineken, was starting to develop severe anxiety on walks. He was terrified of garbage pails and dumpsters among other things. During a typical walk we would do a loop, passing our street and then circling back. Every time we got to our street, Heineken would start to cry and pull to go home. It was virtually impossible to get him to continue on. So I figured who better to call to try to help my boy than Bridget.

Three blocks into the walk she had him sniffing all the garbage pails as he passed.  A few blocks later we hit his next “enemy”, the dreaded dumpster which He never wanted to go anywhere near it.  It took Bridget about 5 minutes to get him to go up to it and walk around it.  Something I had not been able to achieve in months.  But the most impressive things is when we got to my street, and Heineken did not cry, did not turn to pull towards home, he just continued on his merry way.  Once home, she gave us some good advise for our very jealous and possessive dog, Storm.  Since then I have emailed Bridget for advise on several things…including a raccoon issue we had.

Bridget’s calm and assertive disposition is a gift!  Her guidance and advise are invaluable.

Thanks for everything Bridget!!

Staten Island, NY


Dog-Charmer---Testimonial---SanchoOur Chihuahua mix – Sancho used to love his morning walk. One morning in October 2012 I snapped his collar and leash on and must have pinched the skin on the back of his neck. He let out a horrible yelp/scream. From that point on, he wanted NOTHING to do with me. And, if I did try to approach him at all with his collar and leash – immediately I would see TEETH! His whole personality changed and especially toward me! I was heartsick about it. We took him to our vet and he chased three grown women around the exam room snapping and squealing while they tried putting a muzzle on him. Finally our vet gave us a bottle of Prozac (for dogs I assume!) and URGED us to find a behaviorist. I had no idea where to go. It was by complete Divine Intervention that while combing the internet I found Bridget Gallagher! She came to our home and worked with us for three hours! By the time she left, I was able to put his collar on and leash and take him for a walk. Her “tethering him to my belt” technique completely turned him around. Within no time, he seemed to turn back into his old self again.  I know he is so much more relaxed and content now after Bridget’s help and our working with him. Again, thank you so much Bridget! I never had to give him the Prozac!

Metuchen, NJ


Dog-Charmer---Testimonials---JohnnyHere’s Johnny! Johnny is a 2-year-old boxer. He didn’t have a very good beginning to his life. He was left in a factory yard and neglected by his owner. When I adopted Johnny, he very quickly showed that he had fear aggression. Bridget to the rescue!

By using Bridget’s techniques that helped both Johnny and me gain confidence, he is doing so much better with strangers and dogs. Every day we work on his fears, but he has made tremendous progress. He can even do a pack walk! Thanks to Bridget for being so wonderful, patient, smart, and caring!

Rutherford, NJ


Dog-Charmer---Circle---contactThis is my baby Chip. He’s a 2 year old Pitbull and the love of my life! I got him at 10 months old and he was always defensive and scared of other dogs while I would walk him on his leash. He loves people and just wants to be loved in return. I can’t imagine my life without him.

With Bridget’s help Chip is now much calmer on his leash when other dogs approach and he now even loves going to the dog park to play with the other dogs. He will whine and cry the whole car ride there because he’s so excited. He has friends now.

Nutley, NJ


dog-charmer---testimonial---lucyMy wife and I adopted Lucy from a rescue organization in May 2014. Lucy, when we first met her, seemed like a really sweet and calm little girl. It wasn’t until we adopted her, took her on walks, and had friends and family come over that we started to notice the issues she was dealing with. We do not know the past life that Lucy has lived or what she has been through, but we noticed that Lucy is a very anxious and nervous dog, which Bridget noticed as soon as she came over. She still is somewhat nervous and anxious, but since Bridget came over and started working with Lucy we started to notice an improvement almost immediately!  Bridget showed us what to do to become the pack leaders, and we have been doing what Bridget had shown us and it has greatly helped.
Bridget noticed when we would take Lucy on walks that we were using a pull harness. We had no idea, but Bridget explained to us that a pull harness gives the dog control over the walk. Since then, we have changed to a Gentle Leader and it has been working great. Lucy still wants to pull here and there, but the tips and guidance that Bridget showed us really do work and its amazing the different we see with Lucy. When friends and family would come over, she would bark constantly and want to, as Bridget said, “Intimidate the new person in the house”. Since we have started tethering Lucy to us, she does not bark or try to intimidate. We use the tip of putting Lucy in the submissive position that Bridget taught us to help her get over it.
Bridget followed up with us a few weeks later and introduced one of her dogs to Lucy. While the focus of that session was to teach us how to properly introduce one dog to another, Bridget was gracious enough with her on going comments of how she noticed such a difference in Lucy in such a short amount of time. Lucy has such an adorable face and a loving heart, she has already made a difference in our lives and we are beyond grateful for Bridget’s time, effort, and ongoing friendship to help us be confident dog owners, as well as the pack leaders.

Thank you so much Bridget!!!

Carmen & Megan,
Edison NJ